Why Sana ?

Sana: The world's first air disinfection device that destroys all viruses and bacteria!

Présentation Sana

Sana® is a brand of the company Airdp based in the South-West of France. It was founded by François Fabiano in 2020. François Fabiano underwent a pulmonary lobectomy at the age of 16. He experienced anxiety during the Covid crisis as he couldn't find a device to purify the indoor air in his home.

As an entrepreneur, he decided to develop a truly effective solution for air purification and disinfection, drawing inspiration from what is done in operating rooms. 24 months later, the Sana 300 was born, the first air disinfection and purification device tested and validated by the reference virology laboratory, VirexpR, in Lyon.

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et je règle 190€ HT de frais d'installation, livraison et formation*

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J'achète le SANA® 300 PRO d'une valeur de 4350€ HT.

Je règle 25% à la commande, incluant les frais d'installation, la livraison, la formation et la garantie 5 ans. Je m'engage à régler le solde à la livraison du matériel.

J'achète le SANA® 300 PRO

Air Disinfection and Purification

Indoor air quality has become a significant concern for public authorities in recent years. According to the WHO, indoor air pollution is considered a "major risk factor," accounting for 70% of global deaths. Similarly, the WHO estimates that 84% of Europeans living in cities are exposed to particle pollution levels higher than the recommended limits.

The quality of indoor air in our homes has a significant impact on the prevalence of cardiovascular, respiratory, and brain diseases, as well as certain cancers. Today, indoor air is considered more polluted than outdoor air, representing a major health, environmental, and socio-economic issue.

Sana® embraces a responsible approach and offers an effective air disinfection and purification device that targets the three main viruses present in our environments each year: influenza, bronchiolitis, and COVID-19, among others. Its technology also addresses suspended nanoparticles in the air, which are detrimental to our health but often go unnoticed as these pathogens are odorless, invisible, and undetectable by humans.

In summary, Sana® was born out of the desire to deploy indoor air disinfection and purification technology to benefit children, vulnerable adults, and even those in good health. It aims to be a proactive player in public health prevention.

Why disinfecting the air is more important than purifying it.

While many devices on the market circulate air through filters and concentrate viruses in them, potentially risking contamination for those handling them, the SANA®300 PRO disinfects the air from viruses using its four powerful 60 cm-long UV-C lamps. These lamps destroy bacteria, fungi, and viruses through irradiation.


The SANA®300 PRO is the flagship device in the SANA® range. It effectively disinfects and purifies the indoor air of your premises, with maximum efficiency against influenza viruses (H1N1), COVID-19, and Bronchiolitis, as verified by the independent virology laboratory VirexpR. It also eliminates the majority of pollutants and fine particles through its filters.

In less than an hour, you can disinfect and purify a room of 120 m2. By leaving the device running, you can maintain a disinfected environment even in the presence of people.

Thanks to its mobile application (available on iOS and Android), you can control your SANA®300 PRO locally or remotely. You can initiate and schedule the start time based on the room’s CO2 levels, adjust the air circulation volume according to the room size or desired disinfection speed.

Considering that indoor air is two to eight times more polluted than outdoor air, the SANA®300 PRO by AIRDP is the perfect partner to protect your health and the health of those who frequent your establishments. The mobile application or optional remote screen provides real-time measurements of air quality, including CO2 and VOC levels, treated air volume, and an air purity indicator.

Sleek and portable (18 kg, 1 m tall, and 30 cm in diameter), it simply plugs into a power outlet, allowing you to position it optimally according to your needs. The device comes in two versions: Belharra and Iraty.

The Sana 300 devices are delivered, installed, and commissioned by our technicians.

Belharra model

Iraty model

The exclusive SANA® process

Air Suction

The device suctions the air from the room at a speed of 300m3/h, capturing all suspended particles, pollutants, bacteria, viruses, and allergens.


The air then passes along the 4 UV-C lamps, where disinfection occurs through irradiation, effectively destroying bacteria, fungi, and viruses.


The air then passes through a HEPA filter that blocks micro particles smaller than xµ before being released back into the room.

Over 99% Efficiency

Proven effectiveness. While many companies talk about the percentage of particles filtered by their filters, true demonstration lies in the elimination of viruses. That's why Airdp has commissioned an independent laboratory specialized in measuring the efficacy of virus treatments: VirexpR.

• 99.60% effectiveness against Bronchiolitis
• 99.65% effectiveness against H1N1 Influenza
• 99.89% effectiveness against COVID-19

VirexpR (SAS) is a spin-off from the academic research laboratory VirPath and its technological research platform VirNext (University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, EZUS Lyon) in the field of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). With over 10 years of experience in virology applied to the management of microbiological contamination, particularly in the experimental evaluation of air treatment technologies and respiratory protection devices.

Who for ?

Health facilities

  • Pharmacie
  • Laboratories
  • General practitioner
  • Clinics / hospitals
  • Retirement homes

Educational institutions

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Nurseries
  • Daycare center

Public-access facilities

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Commerces
  • Shops
  • Hairdresser / beauty salon
  • Sports halls
  • Offices and Open Space